Make your dream come true.

Planning and design is the first phase of any development process.

regardless of the scale, size and scope of the project.

Professional planning and design ensures all variables impacting the project are

accounted for before moving to the next phase.



Planning is the process of determining goals, expectations, values and priorities.

Once these items are determined, we translate them to practical building solutions and guidelines,

including size requirements, construction budgets, reviews of local zoning and buildings codes,

and their impact on the project.

At this stage, we prepare the schematic design and a general cost estimate for the project.

We also determine if the client requires surveys, As-Built drawings, soil tests, arborist reports, and other action items.



Once planning is complete, the design phase begins with creating more accurate floor plans

and translating them to elevations, sections site plans, and actual design drawings.

At this stage, we consider final finishes, exact room sizes, appliance and furniture locations

to complete the architectural design.

Preliminary structural, mechanical and electrical layouts occur at this time,

along with accurate cost estimates for the construction phase.

The design process ends with a complete set of drawings ready for the building permit phase.