When is a Building Permit required?

You will need a Building Permit if you plan to:


- Construct a New Building

- Any Addition to an Existing Building

- Structural Alterations

- Renovate, Repair or Add to a Building

- Demolish or Remove All or a Portion of a Building

- Change a Building's Use

- Install, Change, or Remove Partitions and Load Bearing Walls

- Make New Openings for,or Change the Size of Doors and Windows

- Build a Garage, Balcony or Deck

- Excavate a Basement or Construct a Foundation

- Install or Modify Heating, Plumbing or Air-Conditioning Systems

- Install or Reconstruct Chimneys or Fireplaces

- An Accessory Structure Larger than 108 sq. ft. in Area

- A Deck more than 24" Above Ground

- A Wood Burning Stove/Fireplace Installation

- A Basement Renovation / Entrance

- A Second Suite

- New or Altered Plumbing